We are focused on the off grid and remote site build but it doesn't mean we won't build your house if you have grid power, we do both equally well. :)

Whether you have a single parcel or large acreage that you need to have subdivided, we can get it done. Often people miss out on beautiful property because it's too large or perceived as too expensive. Let us show you how to actually pay for your building parcel by splitting larger land. We have vast experience in Master planned development and rural survey and mapping. Talk to us about this exciting possibility.


Although most of our super luxurious homes have been built in Nevada, be sure to look at our portfolio for what we can do for you. We have completed many projects in the area but very few have been to the caliber of what we are capable of due to budget constraints. We are not and never will be the cheapest guy on the block but if you want custom we can do it better than anyone.


Every custom build on large acreage requires lots of auxiliary structures such as barns, steel buildings and animal facilities. We offer a wide variety of buildings. We like to stick to kit projects in the remote areas because we don't need as much imported labor (from town). We keep our crews small and our methods streamlined to minimize time on your project and in your wallet.

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